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The Guessing Game 2009 – Rundown

Now that I’m (almost) fully caught up on the Upfronts, time to make a rundown of The Guessing Game 2009.

Like I said previously, what was the most surprising for me weren’t the actual pick-ups, but the schedules the networks made for this fall (and mid-season).

First, CBS.
I gladly called 3 of the new shows as well as their new timeslots save for Accidentally on Purpose which goes on Mondays.
The NCIS spin-off is now called NCIS: Los Angeles.
We also have the renewals.
It wasn’t Cold Case that got canned, rather Without a Trace. Meanwhile, Old Christine also got renewed. NBC’s Medium jumped ship, joining the Eye on Fridays.
So that’s 6 out of 9 guesses correct for renewals.

Some previews:

Most of the CBS previews are unfortunately kinda nuked.
Not that much of a loss though.

On to NBC.
Now here starts the weird stuff.
I already posted the various previews for those of you interested.
Again, not a lot of surprises regarding the picks for the new shows, and as for the renewals, well, I’ve been waiting since several months to say that but: I frakkin’ called it for Chuck getting renewed! Hell yes.
As for the rest of the renewals, I think I can get half a point for Medium at least, making 6.5 out of 7 guesses correct.
Now, the strange part comes with the actual schedule.
Trauma is put right after Heroes on Mondays, a slot I would have thought Day One was gonna be put in. But no, Day One is mid-season after the 2010 Olympics and coupled with a 13-episode Chuck season. Perhaps too soon to tell, but I’m thinking neither Heroes not Chuck will live past the 2009-2010 season.
Community has been put on Thursdays whilst 100 Questions was as well pushed for mid-season.

Moving on to ABC and probably the strangest schedule yet and its 11 (!) new shows.
Some of the drama picks surprised me (like Copper), but overall pretty straight-forward choices with V, Happy Town, Cougar Town, and Eastwick.
Regarding the renewals however, there we have a few strange moves, not the least of which were the renewals of Better Off Ted, and also Scrubs, getting a ninth season (a disappointing renewal for me). Castle also gets a second season and keeps its slot, making 2 of my 5 guesses the right ones.
Time to talk a bit about the scheduling.
What the frak?
First, you’re putting what might possibly be your next new SF hit (Flash Forward) before Grey’s Anatomy, on Thursdays, and moving Ugly Betty on Fridays.
Then, you’re trying to imitate NBC’s old Thursdays, but on Wednesdays, putting 4 comedies followed by a drama.
This is madness!

And now, time for FOX.
Pretty surprised AbFab wasn’t taken, as for the rest, we’ll see.
Regarding the renewals, the biggest surprise on my part was Dollhouse, although I guess they succeeded in cutting the budget. The other picks were again somewhat obvious, so that is 6 out of 7 guesses correct.
FOX’s schedule, like the other nets this season is peculiar to say the least.
Dollhouse was obviously put on Fridays, but behind ‘Til Death and Brothers. I don’t really see the point of picking up Brothers and Dollhouse if you’re just gonna throw them out to die.
Another really strange move is not only changing Fringe‘s timeslot, putting it behind Bones, but putting it on Thursdays head-to-head against C.S.I., The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy, making this in my opinion one of the dumbest moves this season.
Human Target on the other hand gets a nice push by being put in mid-season just behind American Idol. I’m not sure though the audience will stay given that Target is sandwiched before and after its run by Glee. And let’s just say I doubt the audience for Glee and Target share much similarities.

Previews as usual:


The Cleveland Show

Human Target

Past Life

Sons of Tucson

To sum up:
CBS – 6 out of 9 guesses correct
NBC – 6.5 out of 7 guesses correct
ABC – 2 out 5 guesses correct
FOX – 6 out of 7 guesses correct

All done.
Not bad for a first timer, right?

As for the actual shows, we’ll see this fall how all those crazy moves, pick-ups, and schedules, play out.
It should definitely be an interesting season…

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