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The Mystery Script Project

Since the launch of A TV Calling‘s new design, you’ve been enjoying a peek at what’s to come on the site (see sidebar).

One of these teases has been a “Mystery Script Project.” I have received quite a few e-mails and questions asking what this secretive thing was all about.
Which brings me to today’s announcement.

Next week, I will be publicly releasing an original pilot spec. Right here.
Here’s the kicker: it violates the primary rule of writing specs. That is, you should not base anything you write in a universe you don’t own the rights to.
Yet, the script is still original.
Wait, what?

It’s all kind of an experiment of sorts.

You may already be wondering:
– Why am I doing this?
– What is this pilot about?
– Why violate the cardinal rule of spec?
– Why this franchise?
– What’s going on with squirrels?

All these questions (and more) will be answered next week.

Until then, write on.

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