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THR’s 2009 Showrunner Emmy Roundtable

I’m pretty lazy these days, or rather extremely busy.
Whichever excuse you prefer.

Lucky for me, THR has posted great videos from their Emmy Roundtable with various Showrunners:
– Alan Ball
– Greg Daniels
– Katie Jacobs
– Jenji Kohan
– Shonda Rhimes
– Matthew Weiner

Here goes:

Spoiler Sport
Greg Daniels, creator of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” and the other writer/producers talk about keeping upcoming storylines out of the reach of fans and media.

Product Placement
Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Private Practice” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” talks about network pressure to do product placement; “True Blood” writer Alan Ball talks about vampire sex.

Even cable has its content standards, and to “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, “Weeds” creator Jenji Kohan and “True Blood” creator Alan Ball, they can often be double standards.

Kohan, Weiner
“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner and “Weeds” creator Jenji Kohan discuss their respective writing styles.

Rhimes, Ball
“True Blood” writer Alan Ball discusses how his stars’ off-screen romance translates on-screen and Shonda Rhimes gives us her opinion of tabloid rumors.

Daniels, Jacobs
Greg Daniels, the writer of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” tells us why he chooses to use a single camera while filming and Katie Jacobs talks about the relationship doctors have with her show, “House.”

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