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TV Mid-Season '010: The Complete Review – What is coming back

Now that the Olympics are over, everyone is proud (or ashamed?) to bring back new episodes for their own shows.
And like last year, it is now time to get this Complete Mid-Season Review started (albeit a bit late).
As always, we kick things off with what is coming back (from March and on).

Back with medals.

Trauma – Season 1.5 (premieres March 8): Let’s be honest, its first half wasn’t that good.
Friday Night Lights – Season 4 (premieres April 30): A bit late for NBC to show it. This new season however is great.

FlashForward – Season 1.5 (premieres March 18): The first half was an overwhelming disappointment. I’m not even sure it will live to see another season.
V – Season 1.5 (premieres March 30): On the other hand, this show was pretty decent. But please, I want more Alan Tudyk.

Glee – Season 1.5 (premieres April 13): Possibly the best new show this season. Rock on.

Yet again, I shan’t comment since I neither watch nor care about The CW shows.

Gossip Girl – Season 3.5 (premieres March 8)
90210 – Season 2.5 (premieres March 9)
Melrose Place – Season 1.5 (premieres March 9)

Southland – Season 2 (premieres March 2): Saved by the bell, it returns from the dead. Will it find an audience on TNT and show NBC that this was the drama to be counted on?
Saving Grace – Season 4 (premieres March 29): The final nine episodes.

Nurse Jackie – Season 2 (premieres March 22): Haven’t gotten around to seeing the show.
United States of Tara – Season 2 (premieres March 22): The high-point was definitely the presence of Patton Oswald.
The Tudors – Season 4 (premieres April 11): It’s the final countdown.

Stargate Universe – Season 1.5 (premieres April 2): Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the first half of he season. Let’s see if it can hold up.
Eureka – Season 4 (premieres July 9): Last season was actually entertaining, so I’ll still be tuning in.
Warehouse 13 – Season 2 (premieres July 13): For the same reason as Nurse Jackie, I can’t really comment on it.

Breaking Bad – Season 3 (premieres March 21): If Glee is the best new show, then Breaking Bad is simply the best show on television.

Next up are the brand new shows coming our way.

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