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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Analyzing Great TV Scenes: Case Studies of Deep Space Nine, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Good Place, The Good Wife, Lost and The Simpsons (PT77)

Alex and Nick break down six iconic TV scenes to look at what makes them engaging and unique.

The moments explored in this episode include scenes from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Good Place, The Good Wife, Lost, and The Simpsons.

What makes for a great TV scene? How can a simple exchange play off character and story? How can dialogue be used to define a moment? What are ways acting, directing and editing influence the impact of a scene? What TV writing lessons can you learn from these scenes?

Plus, we talk how many people should be in a writing group.

The Paper Team gets in and out…



Paper Scraps: How many people in a writing group? (00:00:58)
1 – Introduction to the six TV scenes (00:03:09)
2 – “The Simpsons” Steamed Ham scene (00:08:02)
3 – “Deep Space Nine” Benny Rant scene (00:16:15)
4 – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Papa scene (00:29:35)
5 – “Lost” Henry Gale Breakfast scene (00:37:24)
6 – “The Good Place” Many Attempts Montage scene (00:44:55)
7 – “The Good Wife” Will vs. Alicia scene (00:53:02)
Next Week On (01:03:38)


“Feedback and Notes: Building Your Reading Onion” (PT08)
“Analyzing Great TV Pilots” (PT54)
“Analyzing Great TV Characters” (PT72)
“22 Short Films about Springfield (7×21 – The Simpsons)
The Simpsons’ Steamed Ham scene
“Far Beyond the Stars” (6×13 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Deep Space Nine’s Benny Rant scene
“Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse” (4×24 – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
Prince of Bel-Air’s Papa scene
“The Whole Truth” (2×16 – Lost)
Lost’s Henry Gale Breakfast scene
“Dance Dance Resolution” (2×03 – The Good Place)
“Hitting the Fan” (5×05 – The Good Wife)
“I’m mad as hell” scene from Network
DS9 comment by Kingofmadcows
“Nonlinear Storytelling” (PT70)

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