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Atlantis rant

I saw the other day the latest Atlantis episode (you know, the show that just got canceled in favor of an all new other spin-off).
The episode revolved around McKay having a brain problem somewhat similar to Alzheimer due to a parasite.
I didn’t know if I was supposed to laugh or cry during the “stupid McKay” scenes, I guess it was almost cringe-worthy.
Anyway, the formula of the episode was pretty similar to previous Stargate episodes. Unfortunately you know from the start that someone will save the day and that McKay will be just fine by the end of the episode.
The life saving event I’m talking about occurred only 3 minutes before the end of the episode, a record.

It went something like this:

SHEPPARD: Holy crap, the episode ends in 3 minutes and McKay still has the parasite inside him! He’s going to diiiiiiiiie!!!!
DR. KELLER: Don’t worry John, I have an idea for a brain procedure that wouldn’t work in real life but as you know we’re on a Sci-Fi show so everything is going to be all right!
SHEPPARD: Okay, what is it?
DR. KELLER: I am going to puncture a small hole in McKay’s forehead.
SHEPPARD: OMG! He’ll be scarred for life!
DR. KELLER: Don’t worry John, next week there will be no trace of the operation and everything will go back to normal.
SHEPPARD: Okay, what next?
DR. KELLER: The small hole I will make will allow for the parasite to leave the body.
SHEPPARD: What do you mean “leave”?
DR. KELLER: It’s going to “slid out” of the 1 inch hole, fall to the ground and then Ronon will kill it with his awesome gun.
SHEPPARD: Oh, cool. That seems like a pretty believable operation given that you’ll have to do all that in this cave, using a survival kit, and in under 3 minutes.

I just love realistic sci-fi.

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