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Combo breaker

Some more Flash Forward casting.
Joseph Fiennes may play the lead role of the show (Mark).
Meanwhile, John Cho might play his partner.
To that I say: Whaaaat?
This is so not the actor I had in mind for Dominic.
I have yet to see Cho in as dark a role as Dominic promises to be!
And playing Sulu doesn’t count.

ABC’s Private Practice was beat the other night by FOX’s Secret Millionaire.
I thoroughly regret wasting 40+ minutes of my life on such a crappy show.
It almost seemed fake at times.

The FailW is eyeing a freakin’ spin-off of Gossip Girl.
I’m hoping that it will be a crossover between 90210 and Smallville.
A show around a super-bitchy rich girl that can poop gold would be so awesome.

Also, I won’t be here until Tuesday, so there won’t be any posting for the next 3 days, except maybe Sunday for the usual Script of the Week announcement.

Don’t get too cold while I’m gone.

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  1. Just finding your blog — sorry it took so long! Really fabulous site, I’ll add to my blogroll immediately! :)


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