Attend this great WonderCon panel

Attend this great WonderCon panel

Much like every year, I’m going this week-end to WonderCon (the 2017 edition is back in the ol’ Anaheim center — I guess it didn’t agree with Los Angeles).

This time though, WonderCon is personal. (Or professional?)

If you follow Paper Team, then you already know Nick and I will be hosting our very own panel (and first “Paper Team Live”) at WonderCon 2017.

In fact, we’re closing out the con; as in: we’re literally the last panel of the entire convention.
Ain’t that a treat.

So, what will this historic panel be about? Here’s the title and official description:

Writer Versus Fandom: TV Writers’ Rooms and Fan Interaction
The dialogue between TV writers and their fans is a vital tool for many television shows—but one that can prove fickle. From producers, to staff writers and assistants, Alex Freedman and Nick Watson (Paper Team) invite people who work on some of your favorite TV shows to share their thoughts on this unique relationship.

The panel will be held Sunday, April 2 at 4:00PM in Room 209.
Add it to your own WonderCon Sched!

If you’re attending WonderCon this week-end, feel free to drop in.
You should even come say hi if you bump into me before or after.

I’ll be chronicling my adventures like last year on @TVCalling so you can stalk me there too.

Write on.

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