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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Being in a Writing Team ft. Kelly Lynne D’Angelo (PT12)

Alex and Nick are joined by comedy writer Kelly Lynne D’Angelo to discuss what it’s like to be in a TV writing team (with Nick himself).

We talk about their creative and writing process, how they pitch in a writers’ room, how they present themselves in general meetings, how they complete each other, and the benefits (or drawbacks) of being in a writing team over being a solo writer.

Plus, we finally explain what a “paper team” is! (Not something the WGA likes.)



1 – The creative process of a writing team (00:36)
2 – Dealing with writing rooms and the business side (21:23)
3 – Resources, how to start a writing team, and who to choose as a partner (39:49)


Kelly Lynne D’Angelo on Twitter
South Park 20 Experience at the Paley Center for Media
“My Life in Four Cameras” (4×17 – Scrubs)
Settlers of Catan

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Paper Team
Paper Team
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