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Bursting the Bubble

As the Upfronts are approaching, looks like everyone is talking about the shows “on the bubble”. Chuck, Dollhouse, Medium, Cold Case, you name it.

A friend of mine told me it was way too early to try the guessing game so I suppose I’ll post my pick-up guess list in a week or two, even though I already have my own idea of what is going to be picked up or cancelled, and it’s not necessarily what most people think.

In the meantime, like I said, several websites have their own grids up, or at least are asking people to vote in to save a show.
You have USA Today, and even the Canadian TV Guide.
And of course E!’s Kristin annual “Save One Show” campain.

The Hollywood Reporter also has its own little article relating to bubble shows.
I wouldn’t be as optimistic nor sombre as they are on some of the shows listed though.

Also up on THR is the early buzz regarding upcoming pilots.
Unsurprisingly, ABC’s Flash Forward is a lock for series order. I’m thinking it’s going to be coupled with Lost.
Same goes for FOX’s Human Target which in my opinion will either be put with Dollhouse, or, if the show gets canned, with 24.
No surprises as well with Eastwick, Happy Town, and V, most likely getting picked up.

In the meantime, Syfyllis is teaming up with non other than Will Smith to produce Unfinished Business, a spin-off to Medium with the main character being Miles from Lost.
Wait, I’m sorry, I’m being told the show is actually about an ex-cop that can see the memories of recently dead people.
The pilot should be penned by Iron Jawed Angels‘s Sally Robinson and directed by Band of Brothers‘ Mikael Salomon.

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  1. bobthecob

    Out of all the shows I would I would like to see Life come back the most even more than Chuck. Even though Chuck is getting hardcore right now I think that some of the shows mystery has left since the revelations of the past few episodes. I just really like Life and hope it sticks around.

  2. I actually don’t believe Chuck to be THAT much in danger of being canned, which might seem strange given all the negative buzz the show has been getting for the past couple of months. Anyway, I also agree with you in some sense that Life needs more closure than Chuck, even though I’ve been told the Chuck finale can be considered poor if regarded as a series finale instead of season finale (me thinks major cliffhangers galore).

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