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Crazy whorish money

Did you click because of the title?

Unfortunately for you, there ain’t no hos here dog.

But rest assured that this week, the madness never ends.
And that’s 2 crazies this week if you’re keeping tabs.

Let’s continue.

Remember that Argonaut Version 9.0 I was talking about yesterday?
Well the guys over at WB are making their own kind of Greek mythology adaptation.

Remember Troy?
I hope you don’t.

Yesterday was announced that Brad Pitt was going to star in another Homer adaptation, directed by George Miller (Mad Max).
This will be an all new take on Homer’s The Odyssey.
And by new, I mean futuristic.
They are planning to take the story far into S-F territory.
God no.

Halfway around the world, Canal Plus is going to do, after their “Brit Week” earlier this year, an “American Week”.
And guess when.
The first week of November (election anyone?).
The week will be full of docs around the U.S., including one on H-Wood, with Antoine de Caunnes’ “Allez a LA!”, among others.
Also during the week will be showings of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
Not to mention that C+ inked a deal earlier this week with… Dan Rather.

Is C+ pimping itself out to get deals?

Meanwhile, I have news for you, Mad Men speccer.
Rest assured that your smooth spec is staying alive for a while. A third season is already optioned by AMC.
Although talks are still taking place between Lionsgate and Weiner…
Money money money.

Oh, and Sarah Palin is indeed guesting this Saturday on SNL.

But hey, it’s the week-end.

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