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Crazy picks

Interesting new TV deals were made today (isn’t MIPTV great?) :

De Niro (yes) will co-exec with Jane Rosenthal up to three pilots inked in a deal between CBS and Tribeca. The deal basically guarantees that at least one of the three scripts will be made into an actual series pilot.
The first of the three shows will be penned by The Departed’s Oscar-winning writer William Monahan and will be set in New York.
If picked up, the show would probably premiere next season on CBS.

As for more sorta-tech-savier TV show news:

NBC will be making the “first ever green-screen drama developed for prime time”, the drama being none other than a “new take” on Jason and the Argonauts.
Just to see how original this “Jason” idea is, DreamWorks (who is now in bed with Universal) has also a project named “The Argonauts”, while Zak Penn (probably the guy that is going to write The Avengers movie) is also writing and producing his own version of the tale for 20th Century Fox.
Oh, and what about Sanctuary? Isn’t that a prime time green-screen drama?

Speaking of computer tech, you might have heard of a webseries named “MoCap, LLC” which is basically a mockumentary look at a fake small MoCap (short for motion-capture) studio. The show was shopped around by Worldwide Biggies and Spike TV has just ordered from them six half-hour episodes, scheduled to premiere sometime around January.

From webseries to TV series: is that a leap that will grow more and more common?

I’m also unsure about CNN’s move to make a D.L. Hughley-hosted news show (à la Daily Show/Colbert Report).
Are they just trying to get some young viewers back or what?

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