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One Year of Crazy Stuff

Today, we shall deal with the craziest, most pointless and/or shocking stuff from the past year.
And all that illustrated by magnificent videos.

If this was in a Colbert segment, it would probably be in:

Incidentally, Stephen Colbert became the President in the Marvel universe.
I’m pretty sure he won thanks to this campaign video:

Going back to the various vids on here, the first one posted here was from the now-deceased show Middleman:

Let’s not forget another epic video, one of my favorite Psych moment from the episode American Duos:

Regarding movies, we’ve also seen some hilarious parodies, like this “Saturday Morning” cartoon version of Watchmen:

There was as well this “West Side Story meets the WGA strike” parody:

And studio mockery:

We uncovered the truth about the Disney movies (lazy people!):

Some other strange stuff was as well “uncovered”:

On the more serious side of things, there was one the scariest polls ever last November:

Almost 60% of the polled agreed that “the people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans.”
48% think there is an “organized campaign by Hollywood and the national media to weaken the influence of religious values in this country.”
49% agree with the statement that “the U.S. is becoming too tolerant in its acceptance of different ideas and lifestyles.”
38% of the people who answered the poll agreed that books containing “dangerous ideas” should be banned from libraries.
The same number of people disagree that “censoring books is an old-fashioned idea.”

There was also a pretty hilarious quote from NBC’s Ben Silverman in this year’s Upfronts:

We are thrilled to be announcing such an awesome slate of new series that build on our existing quality brand and deliver emotional, human stories.


And finally, some musical component to all that, with this sublime John Williams acapella tribute:

Hopefully we’ll get more fun stuff in the coming months.
The playback continues tomorrow with the greatest posts.

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