Current Programming at a TV Network ft. Dana Bramble (The CW) (PT49)

Current Programming at a TV Network ft. Dana Bramble (The CW) (PT49)

Alex and Nick invite Dana Bramble, coordinator in current programming at The CW, to discuss the ins-and-outs of working in the scripted side of a TV network.

What happens after a pilot gets picked up? How is current programming different from development? What notes do network executives give? How does staffing season operate for current shows? What arcs are pitched ahead of the season? How are standards and practices involved with scripts?

The Paper Team looks at the slate…



Working in current programming, network branding, giving notes, pitching, standards & practices, staffing, diversity initiatives and watching television (01:04)
Resources and Next Week On (34:01)


Dana Bramble on Twitter
The CW
CW Seed
The WB
CBS Television Studios
Warner Bros. Television
Broadcast Standards and Practices
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Machinima, Inc.
In the Loop


“On Writing” – Stephen King

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