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Did you know I had a Furby?

I’m probably the only person that hasn’t seen yet The Dark Knight, although to be fair the movie just came out today here in France.
I hope to see it (again?) when I’m over the Atlantic on a giant Imax screen but for now I’ll try to watch it in 35mm.

Moving on.
Catching up on my shows, I watched yesterday the season 3 premiere of Psych.
I must say, this show is getting awesomer and awesomer as it goes.
I haven’t yet watched the other s3 episodes but from what I’ve read, it’s going to be as cool, if not cooler, as the premiere.

Shawn’s hair-do is also pretty “cool” (for the 90s).

Speaking of Psych, yes, this post’s title is a direct quote from the show.
In the s3 premiere episode, Shawn (re)discovers that he had a Furby when he was young (and other childhood artifacts).

I wonder how young he was when he had that Furby, especially since I have a Furby of my own and I’m barely 20 now.
And this brings us to tonight’s word.
This, as well as a blog comment, led me to think about (my) childhood toys and the fact that my room hasn’t changed in over 10 years. Fortunately I’m moving out soon but as I pointed out elsewhere, I have loads of (crappy) geeky stuff I haven’t used in a long long time (and probably won’t ever use again).
To name a few:
Magic The Gathering cards. I have tons of them. So much so that a few years back I tried to evaluate my collection and as far as I’m aware, I have worth 1000€ of cards.
– Loads of Gameboy/Gameboy advance/Nintendo DS games.
Star Wars: Attack of The Clones trading cards. Yes, for real.
– Buffy and Angel trading cards.
– “TV Based” books. And I’m not talking about the good kind, rather the commercial-type ones; you know, those based on the best TV shows ever.
Marvel Heroclix boxset(s).
– Tons of TV/Movie figurines. Like those Battlestar Galactica ones.
I should also point out that I have never been to Comic-Con.

Damn you TV/Movie fanboyism and geekness!

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  1. Wait til you see the second episode of the Psych season. LOVED IT.

    I too had a Furby. It didn’t last very long (just like my numerous Giga Pets).

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