Entertainment Law ft. Panayiotis Spanos (Spanos Law) (PT107)

Entertainment Law ft. Panayiotis Spanos (Spanos Law) (PT107)

Alex and Nick invite lawyer Panayiotis Spanos, founder of Spanos Law, to discuss the essential things TV writers should know about entertainment law, from contracts to credits.

In what capacity does a lawyer enter the picture when it comes to TV writing? What do they offer that a traditional manager or agent can’t? How can a TV writer best use their entertainment lawyer? How does negotation of a TV staffing contract work? What is unique to the sale of a TV show? How should a writer go about optioning rights to a book or IP? What is the reality of people having their scripts “stolen” and how can writers protect themselves? At what point should a writer get a lawyer and how does one go about finding the right entertainment lawyer?

The Paper Team signs on the dotted line…



Entertainment Law with Panayiotis Spanos (00:47)
Final Advice, Resources, and Next Week On (39:07)


Panayiotis Spanos on Instagram
Panayiotis Spanos on Twitter
Writers Guild of America’s Theatrical and Television Minimum Basic Agreement
U.S. Copyright Office
Worm (Web Serial)


“Hollywood Dealmaking” by Dina Appleton & Daniel Yankelevits
“Contracts for the Film & Television Industry” by Mark Litwak

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