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Faking the UTA

One of the many ways to find an assistant job in H-Wood is via the UTA Job List (UTA being United Talent Agency).
This list is published on a weekly basis and lists the assistant-level jobs available in Hollywood.

Now, unfortunately, you’ll only be able to get it if you are:
a) working at UTA
b) too high up to even care about the list
c) know someone who knows Pikachu and can get you the list and/or get you on the e-mail list and/or give you a Pokéball

Don’t bother calling UTA, they’ll deny its mere existence. Or is it their own existence? I forget.

And for you dreamers out there, you can check out this UTA Job List blog.
(Depressing) Spoiler alert: It’s a fake.

There’s also a
d) google the list for yourself.

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