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Another Year

Today marks the third anniversary of this very website. Hard to believe it’s already been another year!
In 2010, we saw a huge design update. Although no such major shift happened in the past twelve months, I myself have gone through a big geographical change: a one-way trip all the way to H-Wood.

As expected, a lot has happened since my move (most notably getting a car, an apartment, a bed and a couch).
I won’t bore you with my personal details (that’s what Twitter is for after all), but I will mention that I have recently met some amazing and talented people from a couple other blogs and the LA TV Writers Group.

In November, #TheGreyBox was born.
It was somewhat of a success at first, but then went into a form of hiatus this past Spring.
Now is as good time as any to announce that I may resurrect this TV writing chatroom from its ashes this Summer. Well, depending on the interest.
It’s up to you to tell me if you’d welcome once more this place to discuss and exchange tips/ideas/stories/anecdotes in real-time with other aspiring writers and the like (plus no 140-character limit). Tweet, “like”, share, comment about this, and perhaps enough momentum will be created so #TheGreyBox can live once more!

And as for this very blog, in Square One I discussed how I would refocus it around television, writing, and specs. Hopefully, I held that promise through the multitude of articles that have been posted here, whether the annual spec list or more recently the big six television writing fellowships (a post which will undoubtedly be updated come August, when FOX announces its new format). I myself got to write these past few months primarily a Walking Dead spec for the fellowships (I guess that partially explains the scarcity of posts).

Like last year, I will do my best to continue this commitment and upward trend in informative writing-related content.
In the coming weeks, there is probably going to be as well some Comic-Con talk. This will be my first time over there and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a great place.

It is now time for me to raise a glass to you, dear reader and fellow writer.
I hope you also enjoyed this past year, or at the very least felt it was fruitful.
Here’s to another one. Once more, with feelings.

Write on!


  1. Congrats on another year, and thanks for all the great info! I’ll see you at comic con.

  2. Alex

    Thanks man! What dates are you coming?

  3. Evan

    Happy Belated Birthday! And my vote is for resurrecting #TheGreyBox…

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