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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

One Year of TV Calling

One year ago to this day (plus a day at the stroke of midnight), A TV Calling was created.
And here we are now.

Great blog or Greatest blog?

Your hopes are up, time to dash them.
I’ll go straight to the bullet points for maximum effect (remember: less is more).

A few stats to accompany the blog for its birthday:
There were not One Hundred, nor Two Hundred, nor Three Hundred, but 312 posts in total.
That’s 312 posts for 365 days, meaning a great average of 0.85 posts a day.
As said on Wednesday, my most popular post, besides a few Script of the Week (such as SOTW13 and SOTW23) is, or rather was, Four Reasons why Dollhouse might be Renewed.

This blog was visited by 3,195 cities in 109 different countries.
It was also visited at least 5 times by all 50 states of the U.S.A.
California is at the top of the list with almost 2,000 unique visitors.

Throughout the year a few changes to the blog itself were made, such as a domain of its own being added and a wider central column.

How weird is it to now look back at the four June 2008 posts?

It’s even more weird to look back at the first sentence ever written on this blog: “Yes I’m lazy.
Yeah, I’m still pretty lazy.

Like I said last year regarding the purpose of this blog:

But why am I rumbling on about all this now?
Well it is merely intended to point out what purpose this blog will hopefully achieve. That is to help other struggling (international) writers out there in their daily, and not-so-daily problems. Additionally, I hope my trial and [errors,] will help show that nothing is impossible when you pour your heart and soul into it.

I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

And if this blog helped at least one person somewhere at some time, then the mission is just beginning.
Please don’t get all teary-eyed.

What have we learned in the past year?
Bears can dance, television as we know it won’t exist in five years, the networks are desperate, movies get made but are released two years later, great writing still exists, and last but not least, the future is now.

Let’s wrap this party up.
Regarding what is to come:
More breakdowns, more writing tips and tricks, more reviews, more shows, more scripts, more news, more you name it.

All in all: more craziness, more pointlessness, and more epicness.

Welcome to Year Two.

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