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In and Out

TV Guide has dropped off of its sked grid The CW and MTV among others.
How the hell will I know now when Smallville premieres?

This morning FOX confirmed that Prison Break is canceled with the last epis being shown on Fridays (with Terminator and Dollhouse).
Virtuality was described as too “dense” by Kevin Reilly and the pilot is being recut to one hour instead of the two it should have been.

Meanwhile, NBC announced that 90% of the Super Bowl ads had already been sold.
Some of the movie trailers shown will be for Transformers 2, Up, Wolverine, G.I. Joe, Angels & Demons, Land of the Lost, The Fast and The Furious, Star Trek, and Monsters v. Aliens (with disappointing Red & Blue glasses).
As for the TV side of things, Heroes will have a special trailer made for the Super Bowl and Chuck will promote its 3-D episode.

And here’s for you a behind-the-scenes pic of Cameron’s Avatar.

Also, Bush wants his own 15 minutes of fame by asking fifteen minutes of airtime on each of the major nets next Thursday, to say goodbye.
Please make it quick.

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