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The small game

The Super Bowl Office was kind of a letdown.
On the one hand there was some hilarious stuff, but on the other hand, most of it was way out there (like the fire stuff) and I really didn’t see the point of the Jack Black stuff. That was actually quite lame I thought.

There also seem to be a drought of interesting ads these days.

The only one worth it was probably that Hulu one.

Pixar didn’t bother to make a new Up trailer, and the Monsters VS Aliens clip shown was basically the one that was leaked months ago.

Finally, some breaking news: Nestor Carbonell is not wearing any eyeliner!

At the TV Critics Association press tour, some reporters asked if you wore eyeliner, which Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse denied. What do you think of this?

Carbonell: My brother sent me this link about the TCA, where you guys were at. Someone had asked about whether I was wearing eyeliner. I think Carlton came to my defense, and he said, “He’s 100 percent sans makeup” or something like that. I could see why some people would think I have eyeliner on because [my eyelashes] are dark. Especially the bottom row, they’re pretty dark. I’ve been dealing with it since I was a little kid, and so to me it’s very funny when it comes up, especially at TCA. My brother told me to look online and sort of Google something about that, and my name came up as a couple things. One of them was Maybelline Man. I’ve been dubbed by some people as Guyliner. It’s very amusing.

Read the full interview over at SciFi Wire.

UPDATE: TNT has just ordered a 15-episode second season for Leverage.

UPDATE 2: The Amy Poehler show will finally be named Parks and Recreation.

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