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Is NBC reviving television?

Okay, so we know that the people running NBC are the reincarnation of the Devil and/or are morons.
But is what they are doing such a bad thing?
You’re probably pulling hair out of your head right now.

And this leads me to my second shocking question of the week:
Is NBC reviving television?

Or rather: Are Dumb and Dumber indirectly boosting creative content?

As I pointed out yesterday, the 10PM slot is begging to be changed.
Well, not really “begging”.
CBS’ Les Moonves himself declared the other day that “Taking a third [broadcast] competitor out of the marketplace will make us even stronger”, though he said that for different reasons (“‘CSI: Miami’ on Monday at 10 o’clock will beat Jay by a lot. Remember that. By a lot.”).
The Leno-move should not be without consequences for the 10PM slot on the other nets.
I am not talking about drastic schedule changes here (even if I’m guessing it’ll unfortunately come to that — affiliates anyone?).
I am talking here more about quality changes.
We have in one corner C.S.I., and in the other Jay Leno.
Bring on the alternative!

And if there isn’t any alternative on the Big Five, then we sure as hell will tune to other content-providers.

Like Cable.

Less network series means more cable series.
More cable series means (generally) more quality-content, more creative control and more options.
And all this leads to more cable channels taking chances on new talent.

We have already covered in much details the cable scenario though, so I won’t repeat here.

An Nth movie channel by Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate is even in the works.
How long before they are making their own original content?

And don’t forget the Internet!

Leslie declared that CBS has “about 12 different ways” to monetize “their content” after its first run.
I thought that no money could be made off the Internet?
Or was that only during the strike?
I’m confused.

Anyway, there’s plenty of opportunities over the Internet.
A new wave of entertainment is arriving.

Let us sum up everything neatly with this great metaphor:
Basically Jay Leno moving to primetime is like the wings of a butterfly flapping in Central Park, causing an earthquake in Asia/Television.
This metaphor is clearly not the right one as it far from represents this duality that all the various repercussions from the Jeno-move (will) have on the entertainment industry.
But whatever.

Congrats to NBC on a coup that will for sure change the industry.
Or at least make everyone in the Biz crazy right now.

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