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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

I’ve been flashed

After weeks of research, I finally got my hands on Flashpoint’s pilot script.
Why you may ask.
The answer is quite simple: I am going to try to spec Flashpoint (following a previous advice-post by Jill Golick).
It is indeed a successful series, even on CBS, especially given its Canadian roots.
And you can also be sure it’ll last at the very least a couple of years (spec-wise).
That and it’s a fun show as Golick points out, and a procedural.

It probably won’t be an Emmy-winning script but it certainly will get me started on that action-procedural script I’ve wanted to write for a long time.
Although knowing how procrastinatable I can be, it will probably be months before a first draft rears its ugly yet awesome head.

Soon to come: a Flashpoint breakdown.

Meanwhile, I’m off to re-reading my TV books
Well… After I’m finished reading that great Campbell hero-one.

Oh, I almost forgot.
Since you’ve been a good boy/girl…
Here’s your treat (quick!).

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