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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Josh Friedman’s tips for your new writers’ room

With upfronts over, and staffing concluded, a lot of TV writers are now joining their new writers’ room. Those first few days are much like landing in a new school, albeit with even more unsaid rules.

Fortunately for us, Josh Friedman (from the great Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) decided to tweet yesterday morning some advice.

Here are the dozen tweets for posterity (plus bonus Survivor reference):

Write on.

(If you’re curious, the featured picture above is from the Arrested Development Season 4 writers’ room.)


  1. Evan Skarin

    “Unless you’re a lefty…”

    DIED laughing at that tweet. Guess I should learn to become a righty! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jay F

    In regards to the lefty stuff, are you aware of how many DEVILS you have in the Friedman family? You’re virtually SURROUNDED. If I am correct, you’re going to have to take off a shoe or two to count them all (That is , IF you wear shoes).

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