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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Just cut it

An NBC Universal memo that Zucker sent yesterday told the NBC employees that $500 million out of the budget is going to get cut next year.
Interestingly, NBC Uni’s profit grew by 10% this year.
CBS is also making cuts in its staff it seems.

Most of the NBC $500 million slash will be cuts in “staffing costs” (read job loss), although expect diminution in “promotional expenses” and other entertainment spending, ergo less money in the long run for TV production.

Is the economical crisis forcing “idea number 5” on the networks?

Television being primarily a business, Writers and other artists have their art dictated by their means, especially in the TV business.
Less money might mean more down-to-Earth/dialoguey shows…

In other media:
Fortunately for my depressive readers, I won’t be talking about this week’s B.O.
Max Payne numero uno and Chihuahua still on the loose.

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