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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Scary business

Remember that news about NBC cutting costs?

Well CBS may also do that in the very near future as they announced yesterday a third quarter loss of $12.5 billion (linked to a $14 billion write-down) with ad revenue declining in its main divisions, including television.

Incidentally, digital revenues have rose 6% this year with a 12% increase regarding Internet display ads.

As for their revenues, they are up 3%, thanks primarily to CSI: NY’s cable syndication.

All in all, CBS is now in the top 10 Internet company and the “#1 producer and provider of premium online content”.

No wonder they are trying to cash in on the future.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Video is now the (distant) second in video streams with a 56% increase (to about 265 millions).
Still, Google’s YouTube is very far ahead with 5 billion video streams in September.
Let’s not forget though that most Yahoo Vids have ads in them (= money = good for the company).

Speaking of, Lisa Klink has posted about “[trying to come] at the TV biz sideways”. Meaning that wannabe TV (and for that matter any) writer wanting to break in will have better chance of doing that by trying various other “creative outlets”.
TV writing is becoming increasingly more competitive due to a number of reasons, including strong cuts in budgets, therefore creating a smaller gap for people to squeeze in.
Any kind of “out of the box” success will definitely be a plus, distinguishing you from the rest.

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