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Interact like you're not a potato

CBS is clearly embracing online video content.

After last week’s deal with YouTube, the Eye has launched today its own “social viewing rooms”.

The “Watch & Chat” section is still in Beta.
I just tested it with Survivor.
For now, it seems that you cannot create your own viewing room, and only 2 are available for a given show. It probably will change when the fully fledged version of the social room is launched later this year.
People join the room and are given the ability to chat, and also sorta interact on the video. You can throw for instance a tomato at the video, or even an Intel logo (gasp!). Think WLM winks but put on screen.
Also throughout the episode (about one every 5 minutes) is a little quiz question about the show.
Soon to come are polls and more interaction.

Still, I’m not yet ready to give up my HD Survivor (or for that matter any other HD CBS show) for some basic interactive features.

CBS is definitely trying to gain online momentum by offering somewhat original interactive options to its viewers.
Whether or not it will succeed in bringing home a solid viewer base…
Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Since we’re talking about CBS and Survivor, we must talk about Jeff Probst.
Heard about that new show he’s trying to bring to the network?
It’s called Live Like You’re Dying and it seems to be a “Make a Wish” for adults, on TV.
Terminally ill patients will have the opportunity to live “the last adventure of their life”, living out their personal dream.

As you might expect, opinions are starting to diverge on whether or not the show should exist at all, let alone be broadcast on national television for the world to be entertained by.
I for one think it should not be put on TV.
It’s one thing to make a foundation and help people fulfill their dreams, it’s another to put it on prime-time for entertainment value.
Although an idea to erase that “entertainment purpo$e” side of the show would be to give all the money acquired by the ads shown during the program to a charity.

The pilot should be shot around January (after Survivor’s 18th season’s filming is over) for a TBD air date.

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