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Ancient Voices

Someone on YouTube (courtesy of r/Survivor) made a piano cover of Russ Landau’s Survivor theme song (also known as Ancient Voices).

It’s barely a minute long, but it’s fantastic.

If you’re not aware, composer Russ Landau used to make his own variations of the theme in every season. He would use local instruments and various thematic elements specific to that Survivor.
I’m using the past tense here because sadly Landau left the show after season 27.

Survivor: Palau had a militaristic theme (specifically the WW2 Pacific Theatre), which you can definitely infer from the full theme.
Survivor: All-Stars combined elements of the prior seven games to convey the return of past players.
And much like the season itself, I’m a big fan of the Survivor: Pearl Islands theme.

If you’re curious (or a fellow Survivor fan), you can listen to all 27 themes (and some fan-made versions for recent seasons) in this great playlist.

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