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Oscar thoughts (2009)

“Duh” came to mind several times last night during the Oscars.
Can you honestly name one major surprise victory?

And although I loved Slumdog Millionaire, I still feel as if the movie is way over-rated.
Danny Boyle is also a great director but compared to the other nominees he didn’t deserve the award.
Still, I was happy that Simon Beaufoy did win best adapted screenplay.

Lots of lobying over Penelope Cruz too it seems.

On an other note, I didn’t know Arvin Clone had won an Oscar.
Am I that uncultivated or just that young?

I cringed when Zack Efron & Vanessa Hudgens sang with Beyoncé & Hugh Jackman.
Did we really need them?

Speaking of, Jackman rocked the night with his two main musical numbers.

Happy also to see Guillaume Canet (and of course Marion Cotillard) in the house (and in the second row!).

Well, at least the evening was more fun than the the last Emmys.

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