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Out there

First, a quick follow-up to yesterday’s Conan/Mario “news”.

Why is everyone either saying it’s a dead-on reference while other describe Serious Lunch’s post as a giant hoax/conspiracy?
It’s neither!
Some people are taking this a bit too seriously.
It’s just a (good) photoshop joke.
There’s no record to set straight.

You’ve gotta admit though that the set design does look a bit like a Super Mario Bros. 2 medley.

I find it pretty funny that in the span of a few hours, loads of sites not only believed the news, but that Nintendo even commented on it.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert’s secret visit to the Persian Gulf has been revealed to take place in Baghdad, Irak.
The shows (next week’s) have been dubbed Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando.

I also just found out this epic Star Trek space battle video made by the team behind the awesome VFX of the new movie.
The video was the opening for the 2009 FedCon Science Fiction convention.
Check out the awesomeness:

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