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Picture this

Being too lazy for any real news tonight, I came across a few pictures that were, let’s just say, interesting.

First, there’s this mashup of how game dialogue has evolved throughout the years:

There’s also the new Surrogates movie posters that seem to bear a striking resemblance to The Sarah Chronicles‘.

Same font, same background, same pose (sorta)…

Oh, and there’s this pic of Stephen Colbert in the 80s:

Almost laugh-out-loud funny.

Speaking of laugh-out-loud funny, I almost forgot about this vid I came across.
It looks like some old ’80s film…for the new Red Hour company from Ben Stiller, which very recently left DreamWorks to take up residence at 20th Century Fox.
I’ll be sure to update this post with the video once I find the embedding thingy…

UPDATE: Well, you can check out the video over here.

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