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Red Dwarf is back!

Yes you have read correctly: the cult-classic scifi/comedy show is back (more or less)!

It has been confirmed this week that four all new specials will be produced and prepared for a premiere sometime next year.
The best news of all is that the regular cast will be reprising their role!

This news coincides with the 20/21th B-day of the show (has it been that long already?).

Now unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, the specials won’t be original footage so to speak of new Red Dwarf episodes (except maybe for one or two).
The first special will take us behind the scenes of Red Dwarf.
The second and third special will be a 2-parter where the cast get “back into character, and costume” a decade after the end of the show.
The fourth and (hopefully not) final special will be an “original” clipshow so to speak where “the cast do it their way”. A Red Dwarf that we “have never, ever seen before”.

The specials will be shown next year on Dave in the UK and on Sci-Fi in the US.

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