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Finally back to blogging!

Lots of stuff to catch up, including some major NBC changes.

First of all, one of the big NBC 2009 move:
Jay Leno in primetime.
Every day.

No more NBC drama at 10PM.

Jeff Zucker said the other day that NBC won’t be doing 22 primetime-hours anymore, similarly to “three” of its “competitors”.
Wait a sec.
Is Zucker really considering MyNetworkTV and The CW as NBC’s competitors?

Zucker also said:

It’s not giving up. It’s not retrenching. It’s not throwing in the towel.

Let’s get real here: are you really that surprised?
The way NBC is currently programming its shows is already similar to a 2-hour primetime/night scenario.
Just look at Crusoe, Knight Rider and My Own Worst Enemy.
Or what about their Tuesdays?
It doesn’t exist.

NBC is as well converging its TV divisions, merging studio and scripted.

But you have to wonder there:
Is less original programing what NBC is all about?

Because if that’s the case, tune me out.

Speaking of NBC.
Was it just me or did last night’s Chuck kind of ripped of Leverage’s series premiere?
That whole floor-replacement thingy had a strong déjà-vu effect on me.

I also recently saw Primer.

This was a really (good) mindfrak movie.
Fortunately there is a clear visual timeline available to help sort it all out.

The movie and its script are also proving to be an excellent lesson on “how to write a great no-budget movie.”
The answer being obviously a focus on characters.
And since TV is a character-medium…
You know the rest.

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  1. Okay, so I’m not crazy. I thought last night’s Chuck con job was pretty Leverage-y (which is good for Leverage — if Chuck is “ripping you off,” you have to be awesome)

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