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Looks like the NBC exec-change is already having an impact of TV shows.
Case in point with the mid-season drama The Philanthropist.
David Eick is now out, now focusing on BSG’s spin-off Caprica while Tom Fontana is back in.
He was previously pushed out after “creative differences” with the previous NBC execs.

Meanwhile new N.Y. taxes should take effect on April 1 (no joke), targetting downloads and other entertainment goods (like iTunes movies, cable/sattelite TV, movie tickets, radio, etc.).
An accretion of $15 million from the 09-10 season and $20 mil from the 10-11 season in the budget is expected with the download-tax, while the proposed sat/cable/radio tax could bring in a further $136 mil for 09-10 and $180 mil for 10-11.

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