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Showrunners are now figurines

We’ve reached a new apex in TV branding thanks to Funko.

The vinyl figure company already (re)packages and sells every brand/product under the sun, including ones based on MLB mascots, NFL/NBA players, Magic the Gathering, and “ad icons”. Also, this thing:
Blue Crystal Heisenberg

They can now add “TV writer/showrunner” to their list of nonsensical “Pop!” vinyls.

Coming this week to 2015’s San Diego Comic-Con: a Bryan Fuller vinyl figure.

Bryan Fuller Vinyl Figurine

No, this isn’t part of some weird promotional kit. Or another campaign to save a certain NBC serial-killer series.
This is an actual figurine people will buy and solely exists because Bryan Fuller is, well, a celebrity.
That’s right: a TV writer is a celebrity. And his name doesn’t rhyme with “peedon” or “bananams”.
It seems I was more right than I cared for when I declared that TV writers have now become brands.

The Bryan Fuller figurine will be “extremely limited”, much like the number of new Hannibal episodes left to air.
I’m holding my breath for an Aaron Spelling/Dick Wolf action pack during WonderCon 2016.

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