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SNL Censorship?

I learned today that an SNL skit from last week was put on Hulu by NBC and then quickly pulled out.
What is interesting is that the skit is against Dems so to speak.

For those who do not see what skit I’m talking about, you can see a transcript of it over here.

There’s somewhat of a debate out there on whether or not the pull-out was a political move due to lobying and/or the Sandlers (yes, they’re real) with their good friend George Soros.

NBC is currently trying to eradicate any online trace of the sketch (whether on YouTube or anywhere else), as well as any comments regarding the “censorship”.

As Rizzn points out in his blog post, this kind of censorship might become more and more common, especially with Net-Neutrality far from being an “important enough” issue, and far from being a net reality.
The Reps and Joe Biden are kind of against it…

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