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Looking to start your TV writing journey?


Looks like the backlash worked: the TV Academy backed off its proposal to time-shift eight of the 28 Emmy categories from the live show (on Sept. 20).
Great news indeed.

As for the Lego movie I hinted at earlier today, it seems to be a reality now.

Oh and AMC is developing loads of stuff right now. The net announced today its biggest deal yet with a Frank Darabont-penned adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book, The Walking Dead, where in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, a group of survivors must fight to survive the harsh reality, and themselves. Darabont is not only set to write the show but also is going to direct it.
I’m very excited to hear this seeing as I love Darabont’s work. The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption are amongst the greatest movies ever.
And his The Shield episode was also epic.


  1. bobthecob

    This does seem like good news with Darabont. Did you see The Mist I enjoyed that a lot as well. I always thought he would be first in line for The Dark Tower stuff and not Darlton. But What do I know. I also enjoyed The Walking Dead a lot.

  2. Unfortunately I haven't seen yet his 2007 take of The Mist. I was as well expecting him to adapt The Dark Tower (HBO mini-series anyone?). Hopefully J.J. and Damon will do justice to King's work, though I have a hard time picturing how it can be adapted into a movie. Seven movies over a decade?

  3. bobthecob

    There is no way I could see it as a movie. It would almost have to be a mini series or a television series. I would say Harry Potter did it but then again those movies are for kids and not adults and Harry Potter will always have a new audience of children who are just now old enough to read where as The Dark Tower doesn't have that. I could almost say the first two books could be pushed into one movie but it would be a long ass movie and would probably end to where as some of it would be in the second movie. I could talk about my ideas for it for a long time but I won't.

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