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(not) Promising

As I’m slowly but surely getting back on my feet, I’m catching up on the news of the world.

First, you know how I love to continuously point out how I called the 2009 3-D emergence.
Well now Comic-Con has announced its first ever 3-D panels, including one for James Cameron’s Avatar, and another by Disney showing footage from A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland and Tron.

In other news, Ryan Reynolds is set to star as DC’s Green Lantern movie adaptation, becoming the first actor to both star as a DC and Marvel superhero.

Also, a trailer has been released for ABC’s upcoming new “Sci-Fi” show, Defying Gravity.
The pitch intrigued me (an 8-person team of astronauts travelling through the solar system) as well as the fact that it is an internationally produced show, which means in a way international cast.
But ultimately the show doesn’t look that promising, it just seems like Grey’s Anatomy in space.

And finally, a quick update regarding the 2×2 Russian network case about South Park censoring.
We’ve seen how a case to revoke the channel’s license was dismissed, and now footage from the show has apparently been cut as it mocked Vladimir Putin.
Yay free speech.

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