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The best Lost parodies

During its six-year run, Lost amassed countless of fans, and needless to say, provoked numerous parodies.
Here’s a look at some of the best Lost spoofs around — from the first few seasons of the show.

Brokeback Island

A classic and one of the first ‘viral’ Lost parodies. Obviously inspired by Brokeback Mountain, the clip even caught the eye of Darlton and J.J.

Lost: The Musical

Needless to say, Jimmy Kimmel’s team is known for its numerous Lost references (it helps that the late-night show is on the same network). This is hands-down one of their best sketches.

MadTV Lost

Before Dominic Monhagan appeared in another skit next to Bobby Lee, another, better, one had already been made for the show (with twice the length). Bonus points for Jeff Probst’s self-deprecating presence. Also, note the presence of our polar bear (last seen in the Lost Musical above).

Conan O’Brien’s Emmy Montage

When he hosted for NBC the 2006 Emmy Awards, O’Brien took part in this montage that was hotly debated for its portrayal of a plane crash following the real-life catastrophe of Comair Flight 191. The presence of the parody at the award show was basically seen as being in bad taste.
Despite all of this, this is a nice tip of the hat to numerous TV shows, including a great Lost-style opening.

The Writers Of Lost

A great, completely ludicrous, look at the Lost writers’ room (not involving any of them in any way). Ironically, the preposterous plot-points exposed here look a lot crazy than what actually happened.

Nobody’s Watching Lost

This is hands-down one of the best Nobody’s Watching, aka the dead-in-the-egg show by Bill Lawrence, Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan. Not much can describe this parody of (sorta-)fans watching a now-cult show.

Lost Rhapsody

Released in October 2005, this is one of the most widely spread Lost video around. Especially popular amongst the fans, this clip even got a sequel. A lot more trivia can be found on this page.

Which is your favorite parody of Lost?

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