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The Best Breaking Bad Parodies

We start off our special week with some humor. Like Lost before it, Breaking Bad has had during its five-season run (even more so during its latter years) a ton of parodies. Dramatic series are ripe for the picking.
Here’s a look back at some of the greatest parodies, from the first few seasons until the very end. For science.

ABC’s Breaking Bad – The Sitcom

We start off with one of the oldest parodies around: what if Breaking Bad was an ABC show, and a sitcom on top of that? There’s your answer:

Breaking Bad RPG

There’s no video-game adaptation of the show (yet), so CollegeHumor decided to create their own old-school RPG version of it.

Breaking Swift: ‘We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together’

Whether you love, hate, or love to hate Taylor Swift, there’s no denying that this music video is seriously entertaining.

Breaking Abbey

Last year, as the new season of Downton Abbey was about to premiere in the US, The Colbert Report decided to do a great parody of the show, mixing it with the Breaking Bad formula. Special guest stars: a bunch of people.

Breaking Simpsons

In one of the longest couch gags in Simpsons’ history, the animated show decided to do an entire bit parrodying Breaking Bad‘s classic cooking montages.

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

What if a middle school decided to recap five seasons of Breaking Bad, and make it a musical? An instant classic.

Joking Bad (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

The latest, and perhaps best Breaking Bad parodies around. This Jimmy Fallon version is actually a fully-fledged short-film featuring cameos by the show’s stars. Gotta end on a high note.

Which is your favorite Breaking Bad spoof?

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