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The Golden Balls

Viewers (and others) of Flight of the Conchords will be able to purchase the show’s songs the day after the episode airs on iTunes and SubPop.com.
An album of 15 tracks should be available April 14, following the conclusion of Conchords‘ second season on HBO.

Thanks for coming, bye.


Haven’t I forgotten to talk about something else?
The Golden Globes.

Let’s see…

30 Rock and John Adams continued to prove last night that they are awesome by winning all their Globes.

Cue in the big “Duh” for WALL-E‘s win as best animated feature and Mad Men as best drama.

Even though his performance in The Dark Knight was epic, Heath Ledger winning seemed more of a tribute to me.
How else do you explain the fact that The Dark Knight wasn’t even nominated in the other categories?
But they nominated Mama Mia.

Haven’t seen Slumdog Millionnaire yet but I love Boyle’s work so I say good for him.
Congrats as well obviously to Simon Beaufoy for best script.
Funny how there isn’t any distinction between drama and comedy in the script category.

Shocked at Paquin’s win but I was more shocked to discover the other day that she already has an Oscar that she won at the age of…eleven (for The Piano).

Gabriel Byrne finally got some recognition.

Speaking of In Treatment, have you guys seen the format-change for the show?
Two epis on Sunday and three on Monday.
Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the show?
Live with Paul one day at a time with one of his patient?

We’ll see how this turns out but I’m kind of scared now.
Seems like way too much information per night.

Anyway, guess we’ll have to wait for the big O now to see how many standing ovations there are.

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