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The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy banned in Russia?

I know the news is a few days old but I just learned about it.
The shows are judged to be “extremist” and “immoral” and would be replaced by shows teaching the little Russian kids to be “patriotic”.

The Russian channel 2×2 broadcasted an episode of South Park promoting “religious hatred”. The Kremlin has begun hearings on whether or not to revoke 2×2’s licence!
The episode in question is Mr. Hanky’s.
Yeah, who would want a piece of crap (litteraly) talking to children?
Fortunately, it seems the channel will keep its license after fans staged protests for 2×2.
The channel still faces a criminal investigation on charges of extremism for broadcasting South Park, also known as a cartoon that “propagandises violence, cruelty, pornography and anti-social behaviour.”


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