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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Live and learn

The City University of New York in Brooklyn is now offering a dedicated class around South Park.
The name of the course?
South Park and Political Correctness
Sounds awesome.

The teacher behind the whole idea (Brian Dunphy) said:

“It has the pulse of America more than anything else. It’s proof that you can learn from the most unlikely places.”

Some FOX news today with the announcement of a 13-episode order for Ryan Murphy’s Glee.
It will be an hour-long comedy musical based on a teacher in Ohio taking over his school’s glee club.
Let’s hope this TV musical doesn’t fail miserably like the last one did.

Still no info though on if/when Virtuality will be picked up/shown (if at all), although I’m hearing it is currently being re-worked as a more “mainstream” drama.

Oh FOX, you just love destroying good concepts, don’t you?

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