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Live Long and Online

YouTube has announced today that they will start streaming “long-form professionally produced content” also known as TV Shows. The Google-owned website has inked a deal with CBS to stream such fan faves as Star Trek or Bevery Hills 90210.

What is interesting to note though is that, although current CBS shows are not included, some Showtime shows are, like Dexter and Californication.
I would guess CBS wants to keep its viewers on its own VOD website. Especially since the CBS VOD website will also stream all those shows and more.

Anyway, prepare to witness the birth of YouTube commercials, as before, during, and after the programs will be shown some ad spots.

Google is probably trying to regain some of the viewers lost to Hulu, although I’m having a hard time believing YouTube-streamed classic shows will bring in said viewers.
After all, the video quality over on YouTube is crap compared to other streaming services.

There was also this little announcement about Psych and Burn Notice being renewed.
Yay! \o/

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