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Online shows and college love

You know how I talked about The WB’s online launch on August 27?
Well now there’s another, again, new kid on the block.
And his name is Strike.TV

Yes, that’s Kristen Wiig.

The idea for Strike.TV, like Whedon’s Dr. Horrible, was thought out during, you’ll never guess this, the writer’s strike.
Strike.TV allows for screenwriters to create a content that will be filmed and produced, while still maintaining ownership of their work.

The writers behind the site’s content include writers for The Office, How I Met Your Mother and much more (see the above trailer).
Several original series will be available on the website such as Global Warming, with Aasif Mandvi and Kristen Wiig.

The site will be paid, similarly to Hulu, with short ads before the program.
Strike.TV is expected to open to everyone later this month.

And what about that “college love”?
Well you certainly know that ABC, NBC and Coe like to stream their shows online, and also like to cash in the checks they earn with the ads in them.
Fox is soon going to join them with Fringe and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
On September 8 and 9, both premiere will be streamed simultaneously with their TV broadcast.
The catch is that this stream will only be available to college students, or rather people surfing the web with .edu domains. Why .edu domains in particular you may wonder. Well Bill Bradford (the VP of “content strategy”) saw that .edu domains were among the top visitors for Fox’s website and came up with the streaming idea.
Especially when you know that “.edu people” are also the number one people to download illegally shows, such as, you know, the leaked Fringe pilot.

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