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Third Rock: A lonely planet of laughs (and guests)

For the past week I’ve been rewatching one of my favorite comedies, Third Rock from the Sun.

The show lasted for 6 seasons between 1996 and 2001 on NBC.
In my opinion, it is one of the most underrated sitcoms out there.

Third Rock stars John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston (both of whom have won Emmys for their performances), as well as French Stewart and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Rounding up the cast are Jane Curtin, Simbi Khali and Wayne Knight.

If you don’t already know the story, it’s about four aliens that have landed on Earth to study humankind.
They’ve assimiliated human forms and are now amongst us…

The wiki article about the series has a pretty detailed analysis on its themes, mythology, and source of humor:

Almost all the episodes revolve around the Solomons’ difficulty integrating themselves into Earth culture and understanding human customs — often their view of Earth realities is distorted by the fact that almost all of their experience of Earth comes through the media, especially television, rather than firsthand experience.

The Season 2 finale is probably one of the best finales out there just for the sublime 3-D dream sequence each character has.
Check these two out:

The show likes as well to use existing real-life relationships and bonds to create character dynamics.
John Lithgow’s son, Ian Lithgow, plays one of Dick’s students, Leon.
Also, David DeLuise plays another recurring student, Bug Pollone. During the 17th episode of Season 3 (Auto Eurodicka), the DeLuise family was reunited on screen to play the rest of the Pollone family.

Numerous guest-stars have appeared on the show throughout the years.
To only name a few (from the first 3 seasons):

Dennis Rodman                                                      Al Franken

Dick Martin                                                  Philip Baker Hall

Mark Hamill                                                      Roseanne Barr

The 1-hour supermodel episode made for Super Bowl XXX featured, as you may have guessed, supermodels such as:

Cindy Crawford                                                      Beverly Johnson

There are also a few (almost) unrecognizable faces thrown into the mix.

Emile Hirsch playing one of his first on-screen roles:

And there is even Peter Krause as an Irish tap dancer! (you’ll love his fake accent)

If you have never seen the show (or even have), go (re)watch it.
It’s just great comedy.


  1. leggyorlyb

    i loved this show and now because of you i am gonna have to do a rewatch of it!!!!!


  2. Great post. I never realized how many famous guests came by Third Rock. It was really one of those shows that flew under the radar but always provided consistent laughs. Cheers!

  3. Jeetu

    I'll wait for the second part of the blog.By that time i would have seen few S1, S2 episodes. All thanks to you for hooking me up again with this funny n wonderful series.

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