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Tips and stories from around the Web, Part 3

There are lots of good posting being written in the blogging world (and Internet) at the moment.
Here are seven that caught my eye over the last few days.

  • – Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan opens up to Tim Goodman about his show in an hour-long podcast, with talk about, but not limited to, writing, characters, and surprisingly an actual discussion about the series’ atypical use of sound, color and aspect-ratio. Really refreshing considering people rarely take into account a TV show’s visuals .
  • – Nancy Franklin from The New Yorker writes an interesting piece about HBO’s The Pacific, and how there’s no “big picture” unlike Band of Brothers.
  • Ken Levine posted a great video of the late Jackie Gleason apologizing live to his audience for having hosted the week prior an awful game-show. This will most likely never be done again on television.
  • Margaux Froley writes on her fresh new blog about the importance of “listening” to your characters. What goes on in their lives between the lines?
  • LAT‘s Denise Martin has an interview up with Parks and Recreation‘s co-creator Mike Schur about the departure of Paul Schneider from the show.
  • – There’s also another interview, this time by The Wrap’s Iain Blair, with writer Elmore Leonard. It is brief, but he shares dirty deets, both about FX’s upcoming Justified and the exclusive fact that AMC is working on a Mr. Paradise adaptation.
  • – And last but not least, The Guardian has asked a few authors about their 10 Rules of Writing. They’ve published in two parts the results. A must-read.
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