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Tips and stories from around the Web, Part 5

With the fellowship deadlines in full swing, I sadly was not able to update the site as much as I’d wanted to. However, fear not gentle reader as others have in my absence update their own. And by that, I mean it is time again to take a gander at some great articles and insightful videos from around the Web.

Let’s start off with this great New York Times article by Frank Bruni which is actually a profile on J.J. Abrams.
I highly recommend watching Abrams’ famous TED talk beforehand if you haven’t already.

On the writing side, we’ve already seen (or rather heard) a couple of Jen Grisanti’s amazing one-on-one interviews/podcasts with writing producers of several big shows.
This month, she interviewed not one but two such people with Glen Mazzara (EP of The Walking Dead) and Aaron Zelman (CP on The Killing).
Needless to write, they are very informative about both their respective writing process, careers, and the politics of the writers room.
It was especially a fascinating take in regards to The Walking Dead, which had its fair share of (ultimately unfounded) writer-related controversies a few months back.
In any case, they’re well worth the listen.

Speaking of high-powered writers (yes, I need to work on these transitions), you might have heard a documentary coming out next year about showrunners. Well, the movie trailer is out and the lineup is quite interesting.

And since television is mainly about dialogue (well, besides characters), you might be highly interested in this amazing talk by Steven Pinker entitled Language as a Window into Human Nature on “how the mind turns the finite building blocks of language into infinite meanings.”
An eye-opener to say the least.

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