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TV Budgeting and Line Producing ft. Maggie Herman (Bosch) – On the Road at SDCC 2016 (PT10)

Alex goes on the road at SDCC 2016 with Maggie Herman, assistant to the Executive Producer/Line Producer on the Amazon series Bosch, to discuss every TV writer’s favorite topic: budgeting. How much does an hour of television cost? And how do scripts get broken down into money?

It’s a double Paper Team first, as we welcome our very first guest-star, and have our very first “On the Road” episode while Alex drives up from San Diego Comic-Con 2016 with Maggie (and another surprise guest).

What is the real cost of an hour of TV? What is the process of breaking scripts into producible selection of scenes? Why would anyone want to become a line producer? What was Maggie’s favorite cosplay of the con?
All these questions and many more are answered in this special edition of Paper Team.

NOTE: I (Alex) recorded this podcast while literally on the road (riding shotgun in Maggie’s car). There should be minimal background noise after the post-production work done since I fixed it in post–but just in case, prepare your ears.



1 – How was Comic-Con 2016? (02:23)
2 – Everything you wanted to know about line producing, budgeting for television, and breaking down scripts into money (04:53)
3 – What Titus Welliver smells like and how amazing his crew gift was (58:19)


Bosch – Available exclusively on Amazon
Maggie Herman’s Twitter
Chelsea Crane’s Twitter
Transmetropolitan – Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson
Sorkinisms – A Supercut (Video)

Maggie HermanMaggie Herman posing for the podcast

Bosch LP Schedule AugustMaggie’s fancy post-it-notes scheduling board for production

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