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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

The Paper Team 50th Episode Special (PT50)

Alex and Nick celebrate the fiftieth episode of Paper Team with a special look back at the first year of the podcast, including updates on past episodes, guests, and other news.

What are some of our own favorite moments and episodes? What are the most popular Paper Team episodes? What new lessons have we learned since recording them?

From assistants and coordinators, to writers and producers, we also catch up with several of our amazing guests: Tennessee Martin, Steven Darancette, Sam Miller, Chris Corbett, Maggie Herman, Jimmy Nguyen and Gary Sundt.

The Paper Team pops the champagne…



1 – Follow-ups to Paper Team episodes and some of our favorites (00:01:21)
2 – Follow-ups from our guests, ft. Tennessee Martin, Steven Darancette, Sam Miller, Chris Corbett, Maggie Herman, Jimmy Nguyen and Gary Sundt (00:15:01)
3 – One year of Paper Team (00:54:21)
Special Thanks, Outro and Next Week On (01:13:14)


“How to Follow Up (Without Seeming Desperate)” (PT07)
“Getting Your TV Script Read” (PT29)
“TV Writer Representation 101” (PT31)
“Australian TV ft. Chris Corbett” (PT18)
Australian Survivor
“Managing Finances as an Assistant & Staff Writer ft. Kiyong Kim” (PT16)
“Web Series and TV Writing ft. Sam Miller (Single by 30/Mom)” (PT27)
Over-the-top content (OTT)
“Diversity in TV and the Writers’ Room ft. Francesca Butler & Kelly Lynne D’Angelo” (PT14)
“Assisting TV Comedy Writers ft. Gary Sundt (Superstore/The Goldbergs)” (PT43)
“Breaking in & Writing From “Outside the System” ft. Hilliard Guess” (PT47)
“Writing Adult Comedy Animation ft. Alison Tafel (BoJack Horseman)” (PT39)
“Act Breaks” (PT15)
“TV Viewing Habits: Writing for the Binge” (PT42)
“Bringing the TV Writers’ Room Process Home” (PT06)
“Writing Themes and Values in TV” (PT36)
“TV Writer vs. Fandom: Writers’ Rooms and Fan Interaction – Paper Team at WonderCon 2017” (PT38)
Tennessee Martin on Twitter
The Lady Parts Collective
The Lady Parts Collective on Facebook
Joe Henderson
Ildy Modrovich
Jennifer Graham Imada
Dawn Wells
“Writing Children’s Animation ft. Steven Darancette (Lalaloopsy/Tumble Leaf)” (PT41)
Steven Darancette on Twitter
Sam Miller on Twitter
American Airness (Video)
Chris Corbett on IMDb
“TV Budgeting and Line Producing ft. Maggie Herman (Bosch) – On the Road at SDCC 2016” (PT10)
Maggie Herman on Twitter
People of Earth
Search Party
The Detour
The Last O.G.
Miracle Workers
Simon Rich
Man Seeking Woman
The Cops
Michael Showalter
“Independent Producing ft. Jimmy Nguyen (Showrunners)” (PT32)
Jimmy Nguyen on Twitter
Gary Sundt on IMDb
Death Note (2017 Movie)
Adam Wingard
Gary Sundt’s Kong tattoo
Will/Sean Podcast – Episode 255 “Retcon the Episode” with Alex Freedman & Nick Watson
“The 2016 Paper Team Holiday Special” (PT25)
“Joke-Writing, Stand-Up and Late-Night TV ft. Simon Taylor (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)” (PT22)
“TV Pitching 101: Who, What, and Why” (PT13)
“Spec v. Pilot: What You Should Be Writing Next” (PT04)
“TV Writing Competitions” (PT33)
“TV Spec Script 101” (PT34)
“Supplemental Income for Writers” (PT35)
“Moving to Los Angeles (and Things We Wish We Knew)” (PT01)
“TV Pilot 101” (PT30)
Pocket Casts
“Goal-Setting as a TV Writer” (PT26)
Francesca Butler on Twitter
Jason J. Cohn on Twitter
Alex Switzky on Twitter
Evan Schmitt on Instagram
Elena Rodriguez Miranda on Dropr

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Special thanks to Alex Switzky for helping us edit this episode and Joseph Yuan for the music.

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